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Welcome to Allergan, Speaker Bureau contracting portal. Please note the following information about using this portal:
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  • Information you enter will not be saved to the portal unless you have completed all information on a particular tab, so please be careful about exiting the portal during the recontracting process
  • The “Invitation Code” you have been given will remain active for 30 days. The recontracting process must be completed within this period.

Allergan values the contributions of its speakers and we look forward to working with you.

To begin, please enter the invitation code on the email you received from the Allergan Speaker Bureau along with the zip code IntraMed has on file for you into the text boxes and click "Submit":

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Important: If you experience any difficulty with this site, please call the Allergan Speaker Bureau at 1-888-456-5450 or email allerganspeakers@intramedgroup.com
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